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At the beginning of February 2017, we started on a new adventure, ‘Pogofilms’! This short blog post will explain a bit about what we do and also where the slightly unusual name originates! ‘Pogofilms’ is the combined efforts of a small group of individuals who all have a passion for some element of the media industry. Having all studied or been in the media or marketing industry, we thought it would be a great idea to get together and create a new and exciting company. The name ‘Pogofilms’ comes from something very close to me as I once owned a dog called Pogo, who didn’t like being filmed or photographed, just like myself who is much happier being behind the camera! He was a great friend and had a lasting effect on everyone that met him and despite being rescued from people that sadly used to torture him, he still loved humans. He, unfortunately, passed away a couple of years ago whilst I was away on holiday in Tunisia, so I never had the chance to say goodbye. Pogofilms seemed only a natural choice of name for a new media company that aims to have a lasting effect on anyone who decides to work with us and will hopefully double up as a successful tribute to an old friend!

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