CSR and its impact on the world.

What is CSR and why is it important?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR for short) is the idea that corporate businesses should act with a certain degree of social responsibility and support the community. Many companies around the world have introduced programmes which are aimed at promoting ‘green’ whilst reducing their carbon footprint at the same time.

Why do companies do this?

There are several reasons why companies have decided to set up schemes or work with charities to contribute to CSR. It’s a great tool for enhancing the reputation of your company. In the modern world, which is adapting every day, people are being picky about where they spend their money. Customers who can see that a company is actively trying to promote a better way of life or protect the environment through different work/schemes or events are more likely to spend their money with this company. This is mainly down to its ‘green reputation’.

What benefits does incorporating CSR Into your business offer?

Well besides the obvious benefit of sustaining the environment, it yields several- one of which being the ability to talk about your business and how it has embraced CSR, and in doing so you set your company apart from the competition. Another benefit is the fact that with CSR programmes in place, customers are more likely going to recognise the brand as being clean and green, thus spending more money with you as opposed to a competitor.

So what steps can you take to improve your CSR?

There are many simple steps you can take as a small business to improve your reputation.

  1. Use energy saving light bulbs- something that seems very simple can contribute such a massive difference to the environment, such as reducing waste, wasting energy, as well as saving yourself some money along the way.
  2. Partner yourself with a local charity- this is a great way of helping your local community directly, providing towards charity demonstrates how you as a company really care for society’s bigger issues.
  3. Keep hold of your talented employees. There is nothing worse than companies with such a high turnover rate, it’s something which puts potential candidates off applying for the job and can cause uncertainty amongst staff.
  4. Retain your loyal customers and cater to their needs. Don’t just abandon your customers because something bigger and better comes along, stay with them and keep in contact to ensure good communications and as a result a good ‘review’ from word of mouth communication.
  5. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to go above and beyond, you can create a scheme that contributes something to society. This can range and can be something that you take a passion in, help encourage it amongst your local community as well as offering funding and discounts.

These 5 tips should help your company strengthen its CSR as well as ensuring the brand & reputation continue to stay strong.

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