Creating a Content Calendar – Why you should have one

Creating a content calendar is a great way to make time for your social media accounts whilst keeping your messages, consistent & concise. They can be relatively easy to make, and sticking to this will help to create a social media strategy. Every business should have a social media strategy in place to ensure you do not get overwhelmed or make your customers feel like as though they are being side-lined.

In this short blog post, we will explain to you how you can create your own content calendar to build yourself a schedule for posting.

There are several ways you can design your content calendar, the easiest is by using Microsoft Excel (Windows), or using Numbers (Apple). This doesn’t have to stop you from using an actual diary for creating this, but using a digital copy will be easier as it can be updated, edited and is easier to visually gain an overview.  

The second step after finding a suitable software choice for you to record your content in, is to fill in on your calendar any significant events, major news, charity events or competition – all the important dates to your customers.  

The third step is to decides how often you wish to post, how often you can post or how well your response will be from posting at a series of set times. This will give you a rough idea of how much you can post in the run up to events, on the days following events and about industry news.

After filling in on your calendar the significant business dates, you need to consider what sort of content you wish to share. This can be done through grouping together specific themes of content relevant to your business and then ordering them in your calendar on a specific rota. This rota will help to make sure that you get the right balance between discussing what your business is about and what your message is. For example, if you had a company which sold cupcakes. Then a good idea would be to talk about some recipes which you have used or tried which make your cupcakes very tasty. This can be shared every 2 days to encourage regular’s interest to keep coming back and try your recipes. This can then be enhanced by including images of your cakes, news of any foody-awards you have been nominated for and a testimonial or two a week, providing an optimized weekly content plan for your social media management.  

A content calendar can be extremely efficient in providing your business with an easy to follow, step by step guide to being efficient on Twitter.   

If you would like to receive a free content calendar template then please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Free Content Calendar’ and we will attach a copy in our reply.

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