Top Tips for SME Social Media Posting

When representing your business on social media, it can be a tough job. What do i post about? How can I engage my followers? These are just some of the questions which can make posting on Social Media a daunting task. However, following simple rues & tips can help you create a plan which will work for your business on Social Media. Here are five factors your customers would appreciate you using more or using less.

1. Sale – Sale – Sale. – It’s important to understand that if you are only focusing on making a sale and encouraging users to buy your products – there is a high chance that they will click the unfollow button. Users want to use Twitter for social interaction, they need to see a reason for following you that isn’t your products being shoved down their throat.

2. Personality – many brands try to remain overly professional on twitter, this is another reason that they can often fail to see the results. Twitter is a personal platform where discussion is supposed to be brief, to the point & personal. Accounts like Paddy Power & Tesco Mobile who use Twitter to share things of interest, to exchange opinions in order to show their personality are often accounts which work the best.

3. Response – It’s 2017 so it comes at no surprise Social Media is used by over 1 billion people on Facebook and 500 million on Twitter. Social Media users want a quick response, customers will not appreciate brands who take their time to reply as they will often feel undervalued and forgotten. Facebook has introduced a feature which shows how often brand pages take to reply, this feature can help keep your customers interested, in contact and see your business remains ahead of the competition.

4. Relevant topics – The last thing users want to see when they are scrolling through their feed, is irrelevant topics which are of no use such as. This is something which will encourage people to unfollow your account. So keep topics relevant – think of things which will engage your followers, offer discussion and thought and ask questions to encourage those precious engagements.

5. Spam – Accounts that ‘spam’ are less likely to receive followers. There is a fine line between posting the right amount, posting not enough and posting too much. This arbiter is different for different businesses, and most users will appreciate the fact that you have thought about how often it is necessary to post.

These are just a few essential steps which you can consider when posting on Social Media to ensure engagement, customer satisfaction, and following. An easy way to make sure that you are posting a balance of relevant content and avoiding focusing too much on sales is by using a content calendar – this will help to maintain a healthy and balanced social feed (Free template available at the bottom of that post).


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