How To Make Excellent Silent Social Videos

Did you know 85% of Facebook videos get watched without sound? If you did then great, you should already know how to optimise social video for your marketing strategy. If you didn’t however, then this short blog post should give you a few facts and tips to help you utilise social video on Facebook.

Facebook has on average; more than a billion video views a day. With these many views, it’s clear to see that video takes a large part in social media users life. So, what can SME’s do to help promote their brand?

1. Plan – Instead of rushing into your social video head on, it may be worth planning scripts and video ideas that don’t need sound to work, this can be used by including visuals. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to find what works for the message you are portraying.

2. Text – If you can’t provide the message you are trying to without the use of sound, try using subtitles or text overlays throughout the video to keep your audience engaged. There are lots of different apps which can help in adding subtitles to your videos, Vont has more than 400 fonts which can be used to make custom edits to text and is free to use.

3. Add music or sound effects – don’t forget to engage the other 15% of your audience who may listen to your video using sound, include royalty free music and sound effects to create the perfect social video which will help to engage your whole audience.

4. Easy visuals – Make the video easy on the eye, it’s worth including key visuals which can help create an understanding for the viewer without needing to hear the sound, an easy way of doing this is to include picture cards with diagrams and keywords.

Following these simple tips and tricks can help your social video excel helping you to fulfill your social marketing strategy. If you’re having trouble planning your social media, you can download a free content calendar by clicking here. If you’re struggling filling your content calendar, you can find some tips for SME’s on social media here.

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