The Do’s and Don’ts of the Hashtag.

In 2006, the start of a social networking site which would become a dominant network in the modern day. Twitter as you know, is a social network which encourages users to use no more than 140 characters to broadcast updates, news and messages. It’s commonly known for the short and punchy way of making your point and for the hashtag.

The hashtag helps to identify keywords and is used as a metadata tag on several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and of course, Twitter.

In my time using social media I have seen some very strange uses for the #, some which quite frankly don’t work and put me off what the message was actually about.

I have decided to put together a short list of Do’s and Don’ts so that you know exactly how to use a # for the best results.

DO – Use hashtags to help target your audience

DON’T – Hashtag every single word within your message, it becomes spammy and will put people off.

DO – Search hashtags before using them, you may find a potential goldmine within a certain hashtag – but be wary of what the general topics are about before using it. There have been several major companies who have used hashtags without doing their research, only to find themselves blushing that the message doesn’t fit in.

DON’T – Go too long, hashtags should be short and relevant, look for a common hashtag which other users will search.

DO – Use hashtags for competitions to engage users and to help create user-generated content, which can be shared on your account for ‘free content’. This can be great during periods where you’re struggling to think of fresh content to share (Easily solved with a content calendar). A great example of this was our recent #NogoFilm campaign which reached over 180,100 unique timelines.

DON’T – Have more hashtags than words, the limit on Instagram for hashtags is thirty. This doesn’t mean that you have to use 30 hashtags per post as this will result in a lot of followers leaving your page, and new followers being the sort of follower your business is about.

DO – Look at what’s trending, this is a great way of getting involved in the conversation as it’s happening. It’s a great way of sparking debates and conversations as well as getting educated on news as it happens.

If you’re thinking of running a campaign or just want to see how well a certain hashtag is performing, you can use

Hashtags are an amazing tool when used right, if you’re struggling with understanding how to properly use social media and its features, there are some great courses which can be found here. Worcestershire Hour Courses.

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