5 Reasons to use Social Media Marketing for your business.

Trying to persuade the boss whether Social Media marketing is worth the time and resources for your business can often be more stressful than your actual job. Some managers often don’t see the benefits of it and think it’s just a place where people go to be unprofessional and gossip. But this blog post will hopefully help in your quest to convert the powers above.

Here are our five reasons why Social Media Marketing is essential for your business.


But first, a few facts – because nobody can argue with those right?

  • 22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook.
  • Over 50 million businesses currently use Facebook business pages.
  • 100 million hours of video content is watched on daily on Facebook.
  • 80% of time spent on social media platform happens on mobile.
  • 29% of users with degrees use Twitter.


So, here’s how it can help your business:

Increase Web Traffic – Social Media has the power to drive users directly to your website by the click of a button. Due to platforms analytics, you can see how many users are visiting your account on a monthly basis which can help you to reach out to your target market. By including clear ‘call to actions’ on each post and advert you can increase click-through rates to your website – no wonder Social Media ad spending is expected to exceed $35 billion this year alone.


Brand Recognition – Social media can help you get your products in front of your target audience. As a brand, you want to be seen and you want your customers to know about you. Social Media will allow you to shout out loud ‘This is what we do, and this is how we do it’ to attract your customers. Through a series of regular updates which MUST include engaging content which will keep your followers engaged and craving your brand. A great way of making sure that you are encouraging engaging content is to run a few competitions. If you’re struggling for content, why not think of a way of getting your followers to create content for you? – Maybe a ‘selfie’ competition in one of your branded T-shirts as an example, this will help increase your brand, keeping your customers feeling involved in the brand and showing great customer service.


New leads – You won’t have to ever consider ‘cold calling’ if you use social media effectively. Your clients will come to you if you show them what they want to see and tell them what they want to hear, this is why you need to share your content – and lots of it. Prospective customers will be able to see what you do, what you sell and what your company is all about through viewing your social channels. It’s always best to think of them as a way of expressing your company culture & values.


Better Customer Service – Social media has honestly revolutionised the term customer service, it no longer means having a stand at the front of your desk or having to man the phones all day to deal with your customers. Real-time social media platforms will let users show how they view & how they experienced their sale with you. It’s a form of media where people can see either what a great job you’re doing in supporting your customers, or it can highlight areas which need critical improvement in order to maintain your branding. Don’t be afraid if you receive a bad response from a customer, be civil, be polite and don’t fight fire with fire – It’s always best to encourage the account to take things privately, offer them an email address to contact or state that you will direct message them.


Brand loyalty – With the way that the current world operates, it’s hard to find loyal customers, every brand will have them – But by using social media, you can encourage more customers to return to you when it comes to purchasing. This point ties in nicely with the prospect of Brand recognition, by showing your customers what your company really consists of on a day to day basis won’t just encourage your past customers to come back but will also massively help to increase sales by retargeting your new leads.


Hopefully, this will help you to convince your manager of the importance of social media for your business.

If you’re struggling for content to post on your social media channels, we can create a range of bespoke content which can be used to engage your followers.



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