Top tips to enhance your social media marketing.

Analyse past content – It’s always good to look back and see what worked with your followers and what didn’t, go back and look at what did and what didn’t to determine what you need to post in the future. It may be worth creating a content calendar (Free one here) to stay up to date with engaging content and to make sure you filter out content that underperformed. Remember you may find that different content works better on a particular platform – if so, curate content by social media platform.

If you’re using visuals, optimise them – Great visual content is what users want to see. However, it can often be wasted when just posted. You should always use great images and visual content to encourage your followers to do something more. You’ve caught their attention, so make it count by including links through to richer content for them to ‘take the bait’ and then you can reel them in through your sales funnel.

Use multiple content formats – The phrase ‘Content is King’ often gets thrown around from time to time, and for a very important reason. The content which you have created can often be reused or adapted into different formats to re-engage your audience. For example, this blog post will soon be available in video & audio formats. The possibilities are endless when it comes to reusing content and adapting it to a different format.

Educate rather than sell- This tip is especially useful on Facebook. Facebook’s algorithms have changed meaning that it is harder to get your message across without using Facebook ads. This means that in terms of promoting your content, it is going to cost. However, this opens an opportunity of becoming a library, fill your Facebook page with content which will educate & inspire and give your users something to take away.

Twitter lists – It can often be a tough challenge finding key influencers in your market on Twitter. Twitter lists are a great way of being able to easily locate a group of influencers on a specific industry helping you to group all of the information and resources you need in one area. Twitter lists are free to use and although can be time-consuming to create, they prove to be a time-efficient way of keeping up to date with industry news and expert opinions. Tap into other users lists as a quick and easy way of finding rich content which can develop your understanding whilst challenging your business to be better.

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