We take your idea...

We sit down with you and talk through exactly what you are looking for - working out a suitable price, a great final idea and how we are going to approach the production stage.

We turn your idea into something visual...

We work with you during the production stage to create something unique - this could be an animation, film project, marketing project or content for your social media!

We perfect your idea through post production...

We take the final idea and perfect it through animation, motion graphics, editing and various other post production techniques - depending entirely on what you have asked for!

We finalise the process...

Once we have a finished version of the idea, we will send it to you to look at. You can then request any changes to the product that we will make before sending you a final version ready to release into the wide world!



James Perrett

Cameraman, Director & Editor
Chris Medakovic

Chris Medakovic

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Lily Taylor

Behind the Scenes Camera Op & Editor


At the beginning of February 2017, we started on a new adventure, ‘Pogofilms’! This short segment will explain where the slightly unusual name originates! The name ‘Pogofilms’ comes from something very close to me as I once owned a dog called Pogo, who didn’t like being filmed or photographed, just like myself who is much happier being behind the camera! He was a great friend and had a lasting effect on everyone that met him and despite being rescued from people that sadly used to torture him, he still loved humans. He, unfortunately, passed away a couple of years ago whilst I was away on holiday in Tunisia, so I never had the chance to say goodbye. Pogofilms seemed only a natural choice of name for a new media company that aims to have a lasting effect on anyone who decides to work with us and will hopefully double up as a successful tribute to an old friend!

Written by James – Director, Editor, Camera Operator



Pogo the dog – The inspiration for our company name!