Aero 8 vs Muscle Biplane


Camera Operator 1 – James Perrett

Camera Operator 2 – Charlie Bristow 

Camera Operator 3 – Lily Taylor

Camera Operator 4 – Chris Cooney

Editor – Charlie Bristow

1st Assistant Editor – Lily Taylor

2nd Assistant Editor James Perrett

Client: Morgan Motor Company.

Date: 19th May 2017

Description: We were asked by the Morgan Motor Company to film an incredible stunt that they had planned where a stunning Morgan Aero 8 was to take on an aerobatic muscle biplane flown by the incredible pilot, Richard Goodwin! The day was amazing and although we only had a short window of 30 minutes on the runway to capture the stunt, we were able to get loads of great footage! We are really happy with this video and would like to say a huge thank you to Richard Goodwin and the Morgan Motor Company for arranging the day and inviting us along. 

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