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To fly a drone commercially, you need to have what is called a PfCO. This stands for Permission for Commercial Operations: what most people know as a ‘drone license’! It requires an operations manual, a ground school and a flight assessment carried out by a CAA NQE – we went with the very reputable Uplift Drone Training


Once you have completed all of this, you then need to get the relevant insurances for cover should anything go wrong. Fortunately, we have all of this! 

Our Drone


We use the Phantom 4 Professional, capable of shooting in 4K resolution. It captures images in stunning quality and sharpness which gives us lots of opportunities to play around with the footage in post-production, especially during the colour grading stage.


What we do best! We can capture stunning aerial video using the high quality camera on the drone, we love to try different camera moves and get the most cinematic shots possible. Feel free to stand with us and watch on the monitor and if you have an idea for a shot, why not let us know!


If you're looking for photos from the air then we can help! Our drone captures images in RAW meaning greater flexibility in post-production to alter the images to get the best possible look. We also shoot using high capacity SD cards, meaning there is virtually no limit to how many photos we can capture for you!


Although not our main focus we can also use our drone to get to those hard to reach places, so if you have a roof you can't get onto or would like to see what your land looks like from the air then we can help.* Please feel free to stand with us and suggest where you would like us to fly the drone! Up to a height of 400ft*

If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!